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The Chris Cuomo Project
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Fed Up Texas Paul SLAMS Republicans for saying there is no Separation of Church and State
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In full: Boris Johnson announces his resignation as Prime Minister
Boris Johnson will give a speech outside 10 Downing Street to resign amid days of mass resignations from MPs in the Conservative Party. Read your news updates here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2022/07/07/boris-johnson-resign-news-government-res...
Humiliated Boris Johnson forced from power - BBC News
The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been forced to announce that he is stepping down, after days of political turmoil. Mr Johnson made the statement in Downing Street after more than 50 ministers resigned from his government. The final crisis f...
Boris Johnson’s Rise and Fall | WSJ
1 個月前
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U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would resign after a mutiny in his party over a series of scandals, bringing an end to a tempestuous premiership spanning Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic. WSJ looks at the rise and fall of the British leader...
In full: Boris Johnson resigns as prime minister
1 個月前
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Boris Johnson has resigned as prime minister. It follows a series of government resignations, including much of Johnson's cabinet. #SkyNews #BorisJohnson #PrimeMinister Latest news and analysis in our Politics Hub: https://trib.al/dwvcRFT SUBSCRIBE...
The Rest Is Politics
1 個月前
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Boris Johnson takes questions from liaison committee on integrity in politics – watch live
Prime minister is questioned by Commons liaison committee about integrity in politics, war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► http://bit.ly/guardianwiressub The Guardian publishes independent journalism, ma...
Boris Johnson on the brink as dozens of his ministers resign - BBC News
Boris Johnson is clinging to power and vowing to fight on, after the resignation of dozens of members of his government. Many believe the British Prime Minister cannot remain in office and will be forced out within days. The latest crisis began with the ...
Westminster Hour
1 個月前
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Hong Kong marks 25 years since handover to China - BBC News
Hong Kong is marking the 25th anniversary of its handover from the UK to China. For more than 150 years Hong Kong was a British colony but in 1997 it was handed back to China. The question was how capitalist, libertarian Hong Kong would fare under Comm...
Political Gabfest
1 個月前
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【政新鮮】「電價漲+跳電」蔡英文變芭樂票總統 謝龍介痛批:用別人的拳頭拇舂石獅|中時新聞網
電價費率審議會將於27日召開,外界普遍認為電費將會調漲,加上去年至今時不時傳出跳電消息,台南市議員謝龍介受訪時表示,現在政府 能源政策完全沒有配套,最後受苦的還是一般百姓。 【相關新聞】 王美花暗示電價漲定? 街訪民眾怒轟:快活不下去了 👉https://bit.ly/3tZbqsA...
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【偉築新豐洲】國際生活第一圈 ​ 高鐵A18黃金雙軸 預約電話:03-2872448
Energy Policy Now
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TAC Right Now
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The Ukrainian Pravdcast
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Debunking Conservatives’ Excuses for Gun Violence | The Daily Show
The latest wave of mass shootings in America has led Republican lawmakers to suggest solutions that involve everything but actual gun control. #DailyShow #Comedy Subscribe to The Daily Show: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwWhs_6x42TyRM4Wstoq8HA/?s...
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Boom! Lawyered
2 個月前
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The Real Story
2 個月前
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Democracy Now! Video
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Democracy Now! Audio
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