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Despite huge PR push, is US plan for Gaza doomed to fail? | The Bottom Line
How “permanent” is the US/Israeli plan for a “permanent ceasefire” in Gaza? The intentional vagueness of the proposal to bring a “sustainable period of calm” to the Gaza Strip is the biggest obstacle preventing a deal, argues Michael Hanna of the Internati
Will Israel and Hamas accept President Biden's ceasefire plan? | Inside Story
US President Joe Biden has announced a three-phase plan he says paves the way for a ceasefire in the strip. But the challenge now is how to get both Israel and Hamas to accept it. The White House argues that if the group accepts this deal, Israel will too.
Real reason Biden supports Israel is 'US military interests' | Quotable
Former special assistant of the US Interior Department, Lily Greenberg Call, says President Joe Biden is “using the Jewish community” as “justification” for the country’s military support for Israel. What forced her to resign was that Biden’s support of Is
Gaza residents are appealing to donor states to reconsider suspension of UNRWA funding
Palestinians know UNRWA as the agency that provides everything from food and water, to medical care. Now people are worried about what will happen, when the money runs out. Al Jazeera’s Tareq Abu Azzoum reports from Rafah, southern Gaza. Subscribe to our c
US sends warships to support Israel amid ongoing war with Hamas
The Pentagon announced Sunday that it was sending additional munitions to Israel and moving Navy warships closer to the country in a show of support, a day after Palestinian militants launched one of the broadest invasions on Israeli territory in 50 years.