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LIVE: Latest News, Breaking Stories and Analysis on July 15, 2024 | CBS News
Former President Donald Trump is expected to make his pick for running mate today, questions are still afoot over how a would-be assassin was able to get so close to Trump during his rally over the weekend, and a judge has dismissed the federal charges Tru
Displaced Palestinians in Gaza's overcrowded schools face unsafe conditions & ongoing attacks
UNRWA schools across the Gaza Strip are filled with displaced Palestinians hoping for some protection, though they know nowhere is safe. In Deir el-Balah, central Gaza, many families live in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Thousands of displaced Pal
LIVE: Latest News, Breaking Stories and Analysis on July 11, 2024 | CBS News
President Biden is holding a press conference he hopes can stem the flow of Democrats calling on him to end his reelection campaign, over a million people are still without power around Houston as dangerous heat descends on the city, and witness testimony
Sky News at Ten: Sir Keir Starmer has entered Downing Street after Labour's landslide victory
Watch Sky News at Ten, as Sir Keir Starmer has declared "change begins now" after winning a landslide victory at the general election. The Labour leader wasted no time in his new role and appointed his cabinet including Angela Rayner as deputy prime minist
Soutenez Blast, nouveau média indépendant : https://www.blast-info.fr/soutenir Simon Assoun est un militant juif décolonial. De son enfance dans une famille juive pratiquante à son séjour dans l’armée israélienne où il a vu le racisme s’exercer à l’encontr
France-China launch satellite to offer clues on history of universe
A Long March 2-C rocket carrying a satellite jointly developed by China and France lifted off from a space base in Xichang, in southwestern China. #short #shorts #shortfeed #shortsfeed #shortsvideo #shortsvideos #China #France #Chinese #french #Macron #xij
Norman Finkelstein - Turkey-Israel Conflict and Humanitarian Mission in Gaza
Welcome to Minute-Snap, your go-to destination for concise one-minute video snapshots. Dive into the heart of current global affairs as we focus on the Israel-Palestine conflict, featuring insightful interviews with prominent figures sharing their perspect
Despite huge PR push, is US plan for Gaza doomed to fail? | The Bottom Line
How “permanent” is the US/Israeli plan for a “permanent ceasefire” in Gaza? The intentional vagueness of the proposal to bring a “sustainable period of calm” to the Gaza Strip is the biggest obstacle preventing a deal, argues Michael Hanna of the Internati
Will Israel and Hamas accept President Biden's ceasefire plan? | Inside Story
US President Joe Biden has announced a three-phase plan he says paves the way for a ceasefire in the strip. But the challenge now is how to get both Israel and Hamas to accept it. The White House argues that if the group accepts this deal, Israel will too.
Kantor Kemenhan Israel Diserang Tentara Zionis Pakai Bom Asap hingga Didemo Ratusan Ribu Warga
Download aplikasi berita TribunX di Play Store atau App Store untuk dapatkan pengalaman baru SERAMBINEWS.COM - Kantor Kemenhan Israel Diserang Tentara Zionis Pakai Bom Asap hingga Didemo Ratusan Ribu Warga #viral #shorts #fyp #israel #palestine #israelvspa
Real reason Biden supports Israel is 'US military interests' | Quotable
Former special assistant of the US Interior Department, Lily Greenberg Call, says President Joe Biden is “using the Jewish community” as “justification” for the country’s military support for Israel. What forced her to resign was that Biden’s support of Is
【以色列】廖科溢踏上以巴邊界!耶路撒冷山上的聖城日出!保護猶太人僅存聖地「哭牆」!|Israel/Jerusalem/Palestine/Western Wall|#亞洲旅遊台 #廖科溢 #小編精選
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You can stop Israel vs Palestine! 😟 | Madan Gowri | Tamil | MG
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Zionis Angkat Kaki di Rafah, Kondisi Pasukan Kalah Sampai Mundur ke Perbatasan Mesir
"Unduh aplikasi berita TribunX di Play Store atau App Store, untuk dapatkan pengalaman baru." Zionis Angkat Kaki di Rafah, Kondisi Pasukan Kalah Sampai Mundur ke Perbatasan Mesir TRIBUNJABARVIDEO- Tentara Zionis Kalah di Rafah & Kini Nyatakan Mundur, Fokus
Biden's proposal acknowledges failure of the Israeli war on Gaza by Israel and US : Barghouti
US President Joe Biden has presented what he says is a new Israeli ceasefire proposal to end the war on Gaza. He says the proposal has been sent to Hamas by Qatar. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative and a former Pal
“It's ABSOLUTELY Hypocritical” | Ian Collins Clashes With Pro-Palestine Activist
United Nations agencies on Tuesday deplored the Israeli strike on Gaza's Rafah that killed and wounded dozens of Palestinians. The attack on the tent camp on Sunday killed at least 45 people and prompted an outcry from global leaders who urged the implemen
How Did World React To Israel's Attack On Rafah Tent Camp? | Dawn News English
The international community has condemned Israel's devastating air attack on tents housing displaced people in Rafah, Gaza, killing at least 40 Palestinians, including many children. World leaders and organizations have denounced the attack as a grave viol
Ireland, Norway and Spain recognise Palestine as independent state
Ireland, Norway and Spain have officially recognised Palestine as a separate state, prompting Israel to recall its ambassadors from the European nations. #Ireland #Palestine #Norway #Spain #israel #war #twostatesolution SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for
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