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Michelle Obama mı, Kamala Harris mi? Donald Trump'ın yeni rakibi kim olacak?
ABD Başkanı Joe Biden, haftalardır süren baskının ardından seçimlere 4 ay kala Demokrat Parti adına yarışmaktan vazgeçtiğini açıkladı. Kararını sosyal medyadan yayınladığı bir mektupla duyuran Biden, başkan adayı olarak da yardımcısı Kamala Harris’e destek
Quarter-Finals: Japan 🇯🇵 vs USA 🇺🇸 | Highlights | FIBA U17 Women's Basketball World Cup 2024
Watch the Quarter-Finals Extended Game Highlights between Japan and United States at the FIBA U17 Women's Basketball World Cup 2024! --------------------------------------------------------------------- JOIN THE COMMUNITY • 🏀 Love to watch basketball? We s
U.S. airports grapple with Crowdstrike outage
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The Crowdstrike outage has disrupted the travel plans of tens of thousands of fliers in the United States. More than 600 flights into, out of or within the U.S. have been cancelled due to the outage, with some passengers saying the situation is 'terrifying
Crowdstrike says outage issue resolved, working to ensure full recovery
A global tech outage was disrupting operations in multiple industries on Friday, including airline flights, media broadcasts, banking and health care. Microsoft said the underlying cause for outage of its 365 apps and services has been fixed, but the resid
Six people found dead in Bangkok hotel room after cyanide poisoning | The World
Thai police say cyanide has been found in the bodies of six people discovered in a luxury hotel room in Bangkok. They have also said the suspect identified is among the dead. As they piece together what led to the suspected poisoning, relatives of the vict
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MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on Donald Trump’s unhinged meltdown over the stock market records and President Biden’s plan to reform the Supreme Court. Shopify: Sign up for a one-dollar per month trial at https://shopify.com/meidas Visit https://me
LIVE: President Biden SPEECH at NAACP National Convention
U.S. President Joe Biden speaks about racial justice and equity at the 115th NAACP National Convention in Las Vegas. Visit https://meidastouch.com for more! Support the MeidasTouch Network: https://patreon.com/meidastouch Add the MeidasTouch Podcast: https
Why are US politicians so old? | 7.30
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Joe Biden and Donald Trump aren't the only ageing leaders in the US - so how did American politics turn into a gerontocracy? American writer and social commentator Roxane Gay shares her take with ABC 7.30. #ABCNewsIndepth #ABCNewsAustralia
Shooter at Trump Rally IDENTIFIED
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MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on the breaking news of the shooters identity in the Trump rally shooting. Visit https://meidastouch.com for more! Support the MeidasTouch Network: https://patreon.com/meidastouch Add the MeidasTouch Podcast: https://p
What Trump says to Secret Service moments after being shot: "Let me get my shoes"
“I was shot with a bullet that pierced the upper part of my right ear,” he wrote on Truth Social, his online platform. “I knew immediately that something was wrong in that I heard a whizzing sound, shots, and immediately felt the bullet ripping through the
Footage appears to show rifle and body on roof after Trump shot
Two people have died after a gunman opened fired at a Donald Trump rally in Pennsylvania - with the former president also suffering a bullet wound to his ear. The gunman is believed to have fired from a nearby roof - aerial shots show a rifle next to a bod
Moment Trump shot in apparent 'assassination attempt'
Gunshots have reportedly been fired at Donald Trump's rally, with the former president rushed off stage by security staff. Read more here: https://news.sky.com/story/shots-fired-at-donald-trump-rally-as-former-president-rushed-off-stage-13177651 #trump #us
LIVE: Beryl storm to regain hurricane strength | LiveNOW from FOX
Beryl made its way across the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico on a collision course with Texas. Meteorologists expect the storm to regain strength before making landfall. Where to watch LiveNOW from FOX: https://www.livenowfox.com/ Follow us @LiveNOWFOX
LIVE Presidential Debate preview full coverage: Biden & Trump face off in Atlanta | LiveNOW from FOX
It's almost debate time, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump battle it out on CNN's stage tonight in Atlanta, GA. This will be the first debate Trump has participated in since losing the 2020 election to Biden. The CNN Presidential Debate
Biden issuing pardons to US veterans convicted of having gay sex in military
The Biden administration announced Wednesday it was pardoning potentially thousands of U.S. veterans who were convicted under old military rules that prohibited gay sex. The pardons affect veterans who had been convicted under the Uniform Code of Military
4K 60帧 | 海关战线 Customs Frontline #1 (2024) | 电影 | 预告片 | HDR | CC 字幕 | Top
杜比视界 极致视听·超凡体验 上映日期:2024年6月28日(中国大陆) 剧情: 香港海关在一次例行海上巡逻中,查获一艘藏有大批杀伤力武器的货船,调查过程中遭遇一群海外势力轰炸抢夺。为追查走私真相,张允南(张学友 饰)派出下属周正礼(谢霆锋 饰)与国际刑警一同远赴海外,辗转庞大而复杂的军火黑市,顶着漫天炮火追查线索的周正礼刚有眉目,噩耗却突然从香港传来,原来军火失窃另有隐情…… ◇导演: 【 反恐行动 (2025) 】邱礼涛 Herman Yau ◆演员: 【 新警察故事 (2004) 】谢霆锋 Nicho
At least 23 people lost their lives in Hwaseong fire including 17 Chinese nationals...
At least 23 people lost their lives in Hwaseong fire including 17 Chinese nationals, one Laotian, five Koreans 화성 화재 현장서 시신 1구 추가 수습, 실종자일 가능성… 총 23명 사망 Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the brutal blaze that killed and injured at least
Deadly fire at S. Korean lithium battery factory kills at least 23 workers
화성 화재 23명 사망… 희생자 유족 눈물 Good evening. Thank you for joining us. I'm Yoon Jung-min. We continue our coverage of the deadly fire that broke out at a battery manufacturing facility, which killed at least 23 people. Police and fire authorities began a joint in
Around 30 people from six agencies begin joint investigation into Hwaseong fire on Tues. morning
The massive fire broke that out at primary battery factory in Hwaseong on Monday, has left at least 22 dead. A joint investigation began this morning to determine the exact cause of the fire. Our Kim Bo-kyoung reports. Police and fire authorities began a j