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XIAOMI 15 PRO com TELA 2K, PIXEL 8A anunciado, ROG PHONE 8 no BRASIL e mais | Plantão TC #205
Chegou a hora de ficar bem informado sobre tudo o que rolou de mais importante nos últimos dias em mais uma edição do Plantão TC, o nosso "jornal" semanal onde separamos as melhores notícias da semana para que você fique por dentro de tudo em um só lugar.
【現場上手體驗】M4 晶片 iPad Pro | iPad Air 2024|新 Magic Keyboard|Pencil Pro 全系列初步評測:13" OLED 螢幕比電腦更強平板出現!?
新一集 FlashingDroid 影片帶大家到 Apple 上海總部搶先上手試玩 iPad Pro 和 iPad Air (2024)!今年 iPad Air 除了按章升級了 M2 處理晶片,亦新增 13 吋螢幕選擇,終於可以用相對親民到價格買到大螢幕 iPad!而至於最大重點一定是 iPad Pro,處理器直接升級到 M4 晶片,11" 和 13" 型號均搭載 OLED 螢幕,並且擁有全新設計更加薄到機身!11" 和 13“ 版本的厚度分別只有 5.3mm 和 5.1mm。最後,針對新款 iPad Pr
Apple M4 iPad Pro/iPad Air 真係值得入手?新機上手試玩!|性能躍進纖薄輕巧更好用|Apple上海總部直擊|HashTech科技玩物
#M4ipadpro #ipadair6 #上手試 上手玩內容、規格、售價詳情>>> https://bit.ly/3JTa1eP Apple 早前正式發布了全新的 iPad Pro 和 iPad Air,兩款新機均提供 11 吋和 13 吋版本選擇。記者有幸前往 Apple 上海總部,搶先試玩這幾部新機,現在就與大家分享第一手的試用體驗。 —————————————————————————————— 好玩 gadgets 情報/開箱評測:https://hk01.app.link/hth9wwJmTQ 最
eevBLAB 118 - NEW Apple iPad Pro: Volumetric Engineering vs Marketing
Apple just released the new iPad Pro M4. Normally I wouldn't care, but it's about Engineering vs Marketing, and we can run some numbers, so let's dive in. What can engineers do with an extra mm in thickness? How about double the battery capcity? Better rep
NEW iPad Pro & iPad Air - Which Should You Buy? (Or… Neither?)
First Impressions of the iPad Air & iPad Pro (with Apple Pencil Pro) - is the M4 chip, OLED Screen & Sleeker design enough reason to upgrade? #iPad #iPadAir #iPadPro Why not SUBSCRIBE? (it's free)! 😄 ▶ YouTube: https://bit.ly/2UyCBGq ▶ IG: https://www.inst
NEW iPad Pro vs iPad Air
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📺 CHECK OUT THESE VIDEOS iPhone 16 News is a HUGE risk for Apple https://youtu.be/rYA361IVpGQ Google is FURIOUS! Apple reveals surprise plan for iPhone 16! https://youtu.be/itpMKUtNVjE If you've been holding out for a new iPad, your wait is finally over! A
iPad Pro and iPad Air 2024! First Impressions
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CNET’s Scott Stein offers up his first thoughts on Apple’s new iPad Pro and iPad Air. And what about that vibrating Pencil? He gives his take on that, too. iPad Pro https://rebrand.ly/vtxw7ef iPad Air https://rebrand.ly/yn4zvkm Apple Pencil Pro https://reb
BIG NEWS! M4 LEAK for 2024 iPad Pro - M3 CANCELLED!
BIG NEWS! The Apple iPad Pro 2024 Model has had a LEAK of an M4 INSIDE at LAUNCH instead of the CANCELLED M3! This M4 iPad Pro will be the FIRST to have a M4 inside with LOADS of AI FEATURES at the Apple EVENT is happening on May 7th called 'Let Loose'. We
2023 iPad Leaks - OK.. What's the DEAL, Apple?!
7 個月前
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Sponsored by Ridge. Check out their Wallet & Keycase Here ➡️ https://ridge.com/maxtech and use code MAXTECH for 10% off your order! Apple's new Apple Pencil USB-C signals some changes to what to expect from their iPads.. Best deals on current iPads on Amaz
iPad Pro 2022 Release Date and Price – LAUNCH DATE THIS WEEK!
The NEW iPad Pro M2 Launch Date could be THIS WEEK according to this LATEST Report! The iPad Pro M2 has been on our wishlists since the M1 iPad Pro that came out last year and it looks like we won't have to wait much longer for it to be in our ha
iPad Pro 2022 Release Date and Price – Dynamic Island in 2022?
Could we see Dynamic Island in 2022 on the new M2 iPad Pro 2022 Model? Well Today we have details if this looks this will be a reality and how Apple will implement this with the NEW M2 iPad Pro. Today I also want to do a summary of everything we know
iPad Pro M2 Release Date & Price - MagSafe LEAK!
1 年前
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GREAT NEWS! M2 and MagSafe Charging coming to the iPad Pro 2022 Model! Will this be the MagSafe Charger we get for the iPhone's or the one we have for MacBook Pro's and MacBook Air M2? Well Today I will do a summary of everything we know so far i
STOP! Why you should WAIT for Apple’s M2 iPad Pro..
Apple is about to revolutionize the tablet industry again with the new M2 iPad Pro coming later this year, so let's talk about the main features including why Apple is redesigning it.. again! Like these iPad Wallpapers? Download them here ➡ https://bit
Apple is Finally FIXING the iPad Pro at WWDC (iPadOS 16)
The iPad Pro has been in a tough place the past few years, with the hardware and chip vastly outperforming the actual software, but now, EVERYTHING is Changing.. for the BETTER! Like these iPad Wallpapers? Download them here ➡ https://bit.ly/2WNc6
iPad Pro 2022 Release Date and Price – NEW LANDSCAPE DESIGN!
The NEW iPad Pro 2022 is coming with a NEW LANDSCAPE DESIGN with the Face ID Camera moved to the Horizontal Bezel! The iPad Pro M2 is shaping up with a lot of New Features and changes and this is looking to be one of them. It is still early day
我把iPad Pro拆了!原來miniLED長這樣!為什麼iPad Pro選用miniLED螢幕?ft.群創光電
Touch Taiwan 2022 今年來參觀群創光電的展區,有我最有興趣的元宇宙專區,講到元宇宙就少不了VR眼鏡,而miniLED除了應用在Apple iPad Pro上之外,居然也可以做成VR的面板,還有可以讓Vtuber變立體的浮空影像面板,另外還有電子紙、智慧液晶窗戶...等等面板的應用 加入我的Line@生活圈⬇︎ @3ctim 訂閱3cTim哥副頻道⬇︎ http://bit.ly/36gDKs7 加入頻道會員⬇︎ http://bit.ly/2LoUuox 現在Podcast也可以聽得到Tim