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川普正式接受共和黨提名! 提及"台灣"局勢升溫 批拜登執政釀緊張 川稱世界面臨"第三次大戰" 美公民擁槍密度居全球之冠 槍枝管理政策成關鍵?|陳斐娟主持|【世界面對面】20240721|三立iNEWS
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Dem-funded TV ad urges Biden to drop out
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Rep. Veronica Escobar, national co-chair for the Biden-Harris campaign, speaks with CNN about a TV ad funded by a group of Democrats urging him to drop out of the 2024 presidential race. #CNN #news Want to stay up to date on the day’s top stories? Sign up
Microsoft & Crowdstrike - Duniya Ruk Gayi ?
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唐納德·特朗普(Donald Trump)星期一(7月15日)提名俄亥俄州聯邦參議員J·D·萬斯(JD Vance)為他的副總統競選拍檔。#jdvance ================ 美國之音是您的可靠和準確的有關中國、美國和國際新聞的來源。 歡迎瀏覽美國之音粵語網 https://www.voacantonese.com 閱讀最新的報導,收聽收看美國之音視頻和音頻節目。 ================ **翻墻上網辦法** 翻墻軟件: 1) nthLink http://bit.ly/downlo
Trump picks JD Vance as his VP
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Donald Trump has chosen Ohio Sen. JD Vance as his vice presidential pick, the former president announced on social media. #CNN #News
'Do you agree this was a failure?': Bolduan presses Homeland Security secretary
Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas called the security a "failure" at former President Donald Trump's rally where he was nearly assassinated in Butler, Pennsylvania. Mayorkas says officials are conducting a full review of the situation. #CNN
Analyst tracks gunman's movements prior to Trump assassination attempt
CNN’s chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst John Miller details the shooter’s movements shortly before shots rang out at former President Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania rally. #CNN #News
Secret Service did not sweep building where shooter was perched
A spokesman for the United States Secret Service told CNN the agency did not sweep the building where Thomas Matthew Crooks shot at former President Donald Trump but instead leaned on local law enforcement to conduct security at that location. The spokesma
Assassination attempt injures Trump, roils race: Watch key moments from CNN's coverage
Catch up on CNN’s coverage of the assassination attempt on former President Trump at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. #CNN #News
Timeline on how the Trump assassination attempt unfolded
CNN's Tom Foreman reports on how the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump unfolded and what happened after. #CNN #News
What we know about the Trump rally gunman so far
CNN's Danny Freeman breaks down what investigators have uncovered about Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old who authorities say tried to assassinate former President Donald Trump during his Pennsylvania rally. #CNN #News
Hear from photographer who captured viral photo of Trump injured at rally
Associated Press photographer Evan Vucci describes capturing the viral photo of former President Donald Trump after being injured at his rally and how his past experiences helped him capture this moment. #CNN #News
Biden orders an independent review of the security at Trump rally
President Joe Biden denounced the assassination attempt on Donald Trump in remarks from the White House, saying there is no place for this type of violence in the country. #CNN #News
Secret Service faces serious questions about security footprint and rooftop access at Trump event
In the wake of the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, there are widespread concerns and questions about how a sniper was able to obtain rooftop access roughly 150 yards from the former president’s position at the podium at an outdoor rally. CNN's Whi
Jeffries did not offer Biden his endorsement at White House meeting
House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries met with Biden, but did not offer his endorsement, according to a source. In a letter to colleagues, Jeffries said he “directly expressed” discussions among lawmakers to Biden. #CNN #news Want to stay up to date on t
Exclusive: Obama, Pelosi privately expressed concerns over Biden
Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have spoken privately about Joe Biden and the future of his 2024 campaign. Both the former president and ex-speaker expressed concerns about how much harder they think it’s become for the president to beat Donald Trump. CNN’s
This is how Kremlin-controlled media seized on Biden's performance at NATO
Russian state media has been playing up President Biden's gaffe during his speech at the NATO summit on July 11, when he introduced Ukrainian President Zelensky on stage as Russian President Putin. Biden later corrected his mistake; Russian media routinely
Powerful Democrats furious Biden’s decline was hidden
At a star-studded fundraiser for President Joe Biden in Los Angeles last month, George Clooney wasn’t the only one who came away concerned about the president. Some of the biggest donors at the $30 million fundraising event, who had waited in line to take
Democratic Rep. calls for ‘hard, cold decisions’ to be made about Democrats’ 2024 campaign
Virginia congressman Gerry Connolly called on Democrats to make “hard, cold decisions” about the future of the 2024 campaign and stated that “we need the White House to take that frame of mind” in an interview on CNN’s Inside Politics, adding the assessmen