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“Pretty Much Universally Condemned” | David Tennant Under Fire After LGBT Awards Row
Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch has said she “will not shut up” after David Tennant suggested she should at the British LGBT Awards. Ms Badenoch accused the ex-Doctor Who actor of being a “rich, lefty, white male celebrity so blinded by ideology” in a po
Isabel Oakeshott SLAMS David Tennant For Condemning Kemi Badenoch At LGBTQ Awards
Rishi Sunak has intervened in the spat between Kemi Badenoch and actor David Tennant, suggesting the Doctor Who star is “the problem”. Tennant suggested at an awards show he wanted a world where the equalities minister “doesn’t exist any more”, and that sh
Scientology Is Extremely Anti-LGBTQ
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Scientology is an aggressively anti-LGBTQ organization. It goes far beyond what a vast majority of Christian churches believe in. L. Ron Hubbard policy dictates that the only solution for someone who is gay is to go through Scientology conversion therapy.
A drag queen appeared on CNN. Are you surprised?
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Jesus Is Transgender
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老公爆乳有C罩杯 呂文婉易地而處整夜無法入睡【新聞挖挖哇】
心理師分析什麼是性別不安?「最美檢察官」陳漢章為何喜歡穿女裝? 老婆雪兒節目爆料老公抽脂肪隆乳成C罩杯的真正原因~ 名嘴呂文婉坦承易地而處如果是她的話,光是想到就整夜無法入睡? #爆乳 #陳漢章 #婚姻 #新聞挖挖哇 #最美檢察官 #最美檢座 # 呂文婉 【完整版 「最美檢座」陳漢章婚姻內幕】►https://youtu.be/3JnZf_OdSl0 ⭐體罰孩子多無辜!阿嬤狂甩孫女10巴掌打罵教育有用嗎? ►https://youtu.be/557_vxhqf1Q ⭐前世今生的正確打開方式!因果業力輪迴轉世
2024必看的婚姻故事!給勇敢做自己的「最美檢察官」陳漢章一個讚~ 他的老婆雪兒節目親上火線公開13年婚姻過程! 對於網友痛批美女檢察官老公騙她結婚生子?! 她坦白真實心聲公開心路歷程震撼全場! #老公 #陳漢章 #婚姻 #新聞挖挖哇 #最美檢察官 #最美檢座 【完整版 「最美檢座」陳漢章婚姻內幕】►https://youtu.be/3JnZf_OdSl0 ⭐前世今生的正確打開方式!因果業力輪迴轉世驚人真相! ►https://youtu.be/OvCY8e2k7FM ⭐讓生命繼續下去!女兒腦死離世自閉9年
'Changing your clothes doesn't change who you are', says Kemi Badenoch | LBC
Kemi Badenoch emphasises the need to stop some 'exploiting' the system in order to protect 'genuine transgender people.' #lbc #transgender #generalelection #tories #ukpolitics #news
《自己人 2.0》環節:Gaily News 2024-02-24
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《自己人 2.0》環節:Gaily News 2024-02-24 主播:Simon - 澳洲石綿污染範圍擴大 雪梨同志狂歡節取消 - 台灣剛宣布「消除M痘」成亞太第一! 馬上爆20歲男自中國大陸帶病返台 - 香港:房屋政策、遺產條例排除同志被裁違憲 政府申上訴至終院 ------------------ 🙇 課 金 應 援 SUPPORT US 🙇 ⭐ 自己人 PATREON:踴躍訂閱 👉 https://www.Patreon.com/WeAreFamilyHere 的尊貴用戶,可享以下內容 - 1/
Abortion is pretty 🥰💄💋
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F-Slur Reacts to Anti-gay Christian Movies!
6 個月前
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看過《Euphoria》不可能不愛上 Hunter Schafer 吧 🫵🏻!年僅 24 歲的她,到底憑什麼深受時尚、電影、和藝術圈的喜愛? 👉🏻 小時候因為喜...
看過《Euphoria》不可能不愛上 Hunter Schafer 吧 🫵🏻!年僅 24 歲的她,到底憑什麼深受時尚、電影、和藝術圈的喜愛? 👉🏻 小時候因為喜歡《飢餓遊戲》「都城」人民的穿搭自己親手做了萬聖節服飾!如今她則飾演前傳作品中的要角 Tigris Snow! 👉🏻 男孩的身體住著女孩的靈魂,她在 13 歲時接受賀爾蒙療法表示「彷彿自己的身份操之在他人手中」。 👉🏻 積極參與各個 LGBTQ 運動的她在 16 歲時成為當時北卡羅萊納州「廁所法案」最年輕的原告! 👉🏻 身兼知名模特和演員的她,其實還
2023按讚分享必看最夯話題~新北男檢察官秀「女裝穿搭」辣翻天老婆小孩都支持他! 台大學生政見引爆歧視怒火連廖輝英老師都被惹毛? #性別平權 #台大 #新聞挖挖哇#兩性#新聞挖挖哇2023 #性別平等 #lgbtq #lgbt 冠名資訊 : https://www.funwoo.com.tw/abroad #FUNWOO #德載國際不動產 #美加置產首選 ⭐2024總統大選神預言誰有總統命?►https://youtu.be/Rsjb93yCwWs ⭐高中生命案大翻盤!夏姓地政士父子全身而退?►https:
▌5/17國際不再恐同日LGBTQIA+ 到底是什麼? LGBTQIA+分別代表不同性傾向或性別身分認同的性少數群體,全部加在一起,就是一個「性小眾」的總稱,而「+」有持續增加中的意思,也代表在未來還有更多元的可能性!
▌5/17 #國際不再恐同日 LGBTQIA+ 到底是什麼? LGBTQIA+分別代表不同性傾向或性別身分認同的性少數群體,全部加在一起,就是一個「性小眾」的總稱,而「+」有持續增加中的意思,也代表在未來還有更多元的可能性!
(WOW) Elliot Page's New "Trans" Body Is Shocking | Paul Washer | Biblical Wisdom
Paul David Washer (born 1961) is an American Protestant Christian evangelist with a Calvinist theology affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Biography Washer reports converting to Christianity while studying at the University of Texas at Austin
Elliot Page Reflects on Dysphoria Journey With New Shirtless Photo | E! News
Elliot Page shares a shirtless Instagram photo while opening up about finally feeling joyful in his body, more than two years after coming out as transgender. Watch! Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/news/1374106/elliot-page-shares-shirtless-selfie-while-
Reacting To The Most Insane Woke And LGBTQ TikToks
In this video we learn that you have to respect pronouns no matter what, everything we know about biology is wrong, everyone is racist and much much more. Let's take a dive into the wild world that is woke and LGBTQ TikTok! - TIMESTAMPS - 0:00 - Intro 0:11
Africans Are Fed Up With The USA Trans Agenda
1 年前
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#african #usa #transgender #agenda Subscribe to my Secondary channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvEPohtPdCW0pOUhbFi6WHQ COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER Under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism,