Gojra Railway Station | 46 Down Pakistan Express in 46 Degree Celsius | Extreme Hot Weather

6 個月前
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Hello Everyone, In today's vlog, I am present at Gojra Railway Station which is located in Gojra city. This city is located in Punjab's Toba Tek Singh District and known for its agriculture and for producing top hockey players of Pakistan. This railway station lies on Khanewal - Wazirabad branch line of Pakistan Railways.
On 15th May 2022, after covering Jhang Saddar, I headed to Gojra Railway station for some railfanning. However it was too hot that day and temperature was soaring 46 Degree Celsius. But still I was able to spend some time to capture couple of train actions in this hot weather.
Sit back, relax and enjoy this small but sweet vlog.

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00:00 Vlog Introduction
00:41 How I reached Gojra?
02:56 Gojra Railway Station & Building Review
05:05 Interviewing TCR About Gojra
09:35 Pakistan Express & Karakoram Express Cross
17:40 Ending Today's Journey Because of Late Trains

Jhang Saddar Railway Station VLOG:

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