why did no one understand the met gala theme? 💍💰🧐 (met gala 2022 gilded glamour reaction)

7 個月前
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held annually on the first monday in may, the met gala is fashion's biggest night and the most exclusive event in the world. this year's event had the dress code "gilded glamour", referring to the gilded age of the late 19th century. as per usual, many celebrities completely missed the mark when it came to following the theme, with some taking inspiration from marie antoinette, the regency era, and even the 1920s. in today's video we take a look at fashion from the gilded age and react to some of the outfits celebrities wore to the met gala. who had your favorite look?

intro 0:00
met gala history 1:24
the gilded age 2:46
the outfits 9:06

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Music by Juan Sánchez - Beautiful Rose (Piano & Strings) - https://thmatc.co/?l=909DE263

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nicole w.b

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