All Time Low - Fake As Hell (with Avril Lavigne) [Official Audio]

2 個月前
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The official audio for All Time Low's song 'Fake As Hell (with Avril Lavigne)' - available everywhere now on Fueled By Ramen.

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I Caught you lying to my face again
You got me hanging by a threat again
I feel like a kite in a hurricane
So cut the string and let me fly away,

Now we’re burning
At both ends
Like candles
In the wind
my eyelids
Collateral damage

I know it’s better if we both say
So long
And thanks for the memories
I’d like to say that it’s been real
But it’s been fake as hell
And Call me in the morning
Three chances
Should’ve seen the warning,
For what it’s worth
I wish you well
Yea it’s been real
you’re fake as hell

You know how to fake it,
So artificial
Don’t know how to take it
You got a problem
I’m not gonna solve it
And now it’s official
I don’t even miss you…

You say it’s really nothing personal
how everyone you love is just expendable
Can’t make a friend without the end,
ya know,
It’s collateral damage,
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