Nvidia (NVDA) Stock Split is a Topping Signal | Gareth Soloway, Verified Investing

1 週前
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On the latest episode of Market Overtime with self-described "Master Trader" Gareth Soloway (@GarethSolowayProTrader) find out what being a pure "technical trader" means, how he approaches the crypto trade today, why Nvidia (NVDA) could be near a topping point and why he believes charts are the real "truth tellers."

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0:00-2:55 Intro & the Technical Trader Process
2:56-5:10 Technical Approach to Macro
5:11-7:00 Gareth Soloway's Crypto Approach
7:01-9:05 Gareth Soloway's Daily Watch List
9:06-12:40 TLT, Bond Market & Other technicals
12:41-16:00 Recession Outlook
16:01-17:45 Market Pullback Impact on Retail Traders
17:46-21:30 Concerns in High-Quality Tech Trade?
21:31-26:20 Nvidia (NVDA) Chart

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