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Fresh Air! Lounge Series
Lounge, downtempo, chillout time... It's electronic and acoustic music from all over the world! Spacemusic.nl presents the best chillout music, a cool blend of Summer, Sun, Beach and no worries. Exclusive (first hand) releases right here on the podcast . Featuring artists like Michael E., Afterlife, Aware, Iëlo, Late Night Alumni, Lazy Hammock, Musetta, Shine, Kalabi, Riccardo Eberspacher, Bondi Chill, Stockfinster, Henrik Takkenberg, Evolve, Code314, Acidhead, Sine, Polished Chrome, Ensoul, Schiller, Jean Mare, Dave Jerome, Fluff, Alexel, Clarisse Albrecht, Merge of Equals, Mindsoup, DigiTube, Sunburn in Cyprus, Goldlounge, Triangle Sun, Klangstein, Mandalay, Gaelle, Frank Borell, Samantha James, Dash Berlin, Goldfrapp, The Velvet Lounge Project, Charlie North, William Orbit, Steve Osaka, Desa Systems, Dulac & Dubois and many others…………..
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Fresh Air! New Style! (announcement)

[ June 3rd 2013] Here’s more information about Fresh Air! New Style.... we’re moving from podcast to cloudcast. Visit us on Mixcloud.com/freshair or bookmark the brand new website http://freshair.spacemusic.nl

Listen to this bonus/announcement for all details. Spread the news... follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Mixcloud, re-tweet as much as possible and help us to become known again! Thank you!



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Fresh Air! (20) ::: SUN :::

[August 1st 2012] (((Part One))) Hi! Time really flies like they say... Today’s the Fresh Air! 20th Anniversary edition of the show! No.20 is available in two parts: the Sun and the Moon session. Offering you the best lounge, downtempo and chillout music. We hope you like this special edition which has a total playing time of app. 2 hours. Available for FREE.

Big Thanks to all labels and artists making this show possible, our executive producers for supporting the show and giving it the financial injection it simply needs to survive and... last but not least.... YOU, dear listener, keep listening and supporting us!

Playlist for Fresh Air! no.20 ::: SUN :::

[00:00] START...
[00:23] DINKA : Fruit of Cocoon (Tales of the Sun) > Dinka @ Soundcloud
[05:17] ALPHA 9 : Come Home > TIP!
[10:44] SLY : Like Love (Chilled Summer Break Vol.1)
[15:40] CALL ME YANG : Love Bird
[20:27] TRIANGLE SUN : Holyground (Diamond)
[24:41] SCHILLER + ISIS GEE : Fate (Desire)
[28:48] VELVET LOUNGE PROJECT : Make me Yours (Trip to the Beach)
[32:34] MERGE OF EQUALS : Heart of Gold (Goldlounge Electrolounge Mix)
[40:44] GAELLE : Haïti (Cherry)
[42:41] BILLY HOLIDAY : Speak Low
[46:40] ROBERT NICKSON : Russell’s Teapot (Original Mix) > TIP!
[51:20] CAIA : The Rose Room (The Magic Dragon)

Fresh Air! Lounge Series is mixed by *TC*

Wed, 01 Aug 2012 20:40:40 +0200
Fresh Air! (20) ::: MOON :::

[August 1st 2012] (((Part Two))) Hi! Time really flies like they say... Today’s the Fresh Air! 20th Anniversary edition of the show! No.20 is available in two parts: the Sun and the Moon session. Offering you the best lounge, downtempo and chillout music. We hope you like this special edition which has a total playing time of app. 2 hours. Available for FREE.

Big Thanks to all labels and artists making this show possible, our executive producers for supporting the show and giving it the financial injection it simply needs to survive and... last but not least.... YOU, dear listener, keep listening and supporting us!

Playlist for Fresh Air! no.20 ::: MOON :::

[00:00] START...
[00:40] SINE : Seductive (Calm Ibiza 2012)
[06:12] GALIMATIAS : Purple Rain (Calm Ibiza 2012)
[09:06] SINE : Blau (Chilled Summer Break Vol.1)
[14:04] CAMOUFLAGE : Me and You
[19:38] LEBENSART : Moments of Silence (Ibiza meets...)
[24:32] IËLO : 20,000 A.M. (Calm Before Dawn)
[29:09] LISA SHAW : Matter of Time (Cherry)
[33:11] JEAN MARE ft. SVETLANA : Everything (Vital Suite Chill & Lounge Vol.1)
[38:38] UNDERWORLD + GABRIEL YARED : Hungerford Bridge (Breaking&Entering)
[40:07] JEAN MARE : Dandelons in Space (Chill Today)
[47:06] THOMAS LEMMER : Rainy Day (Chill Today)
[51:37] ERIK WOLLO : Airborne 2 (Airborne) > TIP!
[54:54] ERIK WOLLO : Airborne 3 (Airborne) > TIP!

Fresh Air! Lounge Series is mixed by *TC*

Wed, 01 Aug 2012 20:35:57 +0200
Fresh Air! (19)

[June 3rd 2012] Hello! Here we are... welcome to a new series of your number one Lounge & Downtempo show: it’s time for some Fresh Air! Honestly, the music is very summerish, but if we look outside the window here in Rotterdam... it’s pooring down and only 8.7C/ 47.66F.... so we must imagine the beach, the sun, the hot skin, the sun burn ;-)

If you can’t find what you need, please let us know by posting comment or sending an e-mail. After months of not publishing Fresh Air! podcasts, it’s always a matter of finding the way again if you know what we mean. But hey, we’ve survived the suspensions, the sound issues, the hard drive matters and more of such stuff. Technology... Enjoy the show!

Playlist for Fresh Air! no.19....

[00:00] START...
[00:25] DINKA : Don’t Hide Your Love (Tales of the Sun) > Dinka @ Soundcloud
[05:45] MATHIEU+FLORZINHO : A La Luna (Elements of Life)
[10:44] LIVING ROOM : Ivy Clon (Desperate Housewives Beats 3)
[15:16] VELVET LOUNGE PROJECT : On the Run (Instrumental Lounge) > 5 euro!
[20:07] 1 GIANT LEAP : The Way you Dream (1 Giant Leap)
[24:08] MATHIEU+FLORZINHO : Law of Attraction (Elements of Life) > TIP!
[38:14] OHM-G : The Love Train (NEW! Calm Ibiza 2012 Edition)
[44:05] MERGE OF EQUALS : My Everything (NEW! Calm Ibiza 2012 Edition)
[57:02] THE SOUND BOUTIQUE : Rest (Downtime)

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Mon, 04 Jun 2012 22:45:53 +0200
Fresh Air! (18)
July 24th 2011 - opening for this episode: So Good Today, the Yoruba Suite Mix of this Ben Westbeech track, lovely groove isn’t it? So here we are to enjoy a fine new show, while the temperature outside is not even more than 14 degrees Celsius and tons of rain... Let’s get this lounge chair lifted off: the City Lights Lounge album brings a cool track All Day, we love the bassline and typical low-fi vocals.... The brand new album by Merge of Equals to be released July 29th and now on our show! Enjoy the -Heart Of Gold- remix by Gold Lounge, we simply love the vocals and super relaxed atmosphere, almost a pop song with a serious ambient twist! You won’t hear this on the radio is our motto... with our heart of gold we continue to the -Heart and Mind- the so called Sunsphere Mix is one major piece of art! Play this one as loud as possible and invite your neighbours to enjoy the lowww frequencies the right way... From here we go -where the water is- a VARGO 10 years of the best, to be released by August 12th. Sine will show you -The Return - from the Cosmic Chill Lounge vol. 5 compilation, a musthave in your collection. Smoothly but surely it’s time to enter the tear zone - Dry My tears - by Triangle Sun for we know how it feels sometimes... And then -We Go Forward- a track that needs some extra translation if possible so we love to hear from you.... Beautiful vocals by Lena Kaufman, something special to keep safe in your libraries. Another shower now.... for the greenest plants you can imagine! This track -Beautiful- by Late Night Alumni still is what it says. Now we go behind the scenes... please do remember the name Moodorama, enjoy the Mystery In A Cup Of Tea. Time for the Daily Phenomena by Alexel, certainly keeps you in the right mood and makes you fly away.... and travel with Fade for the -Wonderful Time- track which is really outstanding. Still with us? Good! Cause it’s time to say goodbye... Bye bye to the past, Hello to the future. You know who you are. Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks/months. Love has been making us crazy as well. Some will stay, others will disappear, everything will change, nothing’s the same. Please listen to Andrew Belle’s track -In My Veins- it really makes you think, feel, cry, laugh and so much more.... Thank you for your support! Dedicated to all marked souls. Here’s the tracklist: [00:00] Welcome to Fresh Air! Lounge Series episode no.18 [00:52] BEN WESTBREECH - So Good Today (TC’s favorite uptempo) [04:49] LIFE AUDIENCE - All Day [10:30] MERGE OF EQUALS : Heart of Gold (Gold Lounge Mix) [14:35] MERGE OF EQUALS : Heart and Mind (Sunsphere Mix) [19:38] CHRIS ZIPPEL : Where the Water is (VARGO 10 Years of Chillout) [24:12] SINE : The Return [29:53] TRIANGLE SUN : Dry My Tears [32:20] TRIANGLE SUN : When You Go Forward... (ft. Lena Kaufman) [36:15] LATE NIGHT ALUMNI: Beautiful [40:00] MOODORAMA : Behind The Scenes [44:53] ALEXEL : Daily Phenomena [48:34] FADE : Wonderful Time [54:32] ANDREW BELLE : In My Veins Show is compressed to a 192Kbps MP3 file. We no longer publish AAC files as it would take another couple of hours work and... some devices do not like the format. Peace!
Sun, 24 Jul 2011 22:46:01 +0200
Fresh Air! (17)
June 5th 2011, time really flies, preparing for Summer... but first open up this show with this marvelous uptempo track by Alpha 9; it takes me back to this weekend in Brussels where I first heard the song on the portable device the other night. Brings back memories and intense feelings. Let’s continue our journey through the downtempo landscape now.... we meet Vargo and speak One Language to keep things easy, in the Love Lounge is waiting for us: Jean Mare with a special guest star Svetlana. Now let’s ‘Get it On’ with Soundset City, lovely track with a smooth groove and very catchy piano and chords, sticks in the head for sure! Ice cubes from Richard Bonnee, beautiful arrangement, sounds and patterns we hear in the ‘Arctic Circle’... pay attention to the guitar FX, we love this song. Time to sit down, don’t need words to say... ‘Still’ is still my song for you, I feel like a child, you’re there. Turn it into water and fly way, the magnificent sounds of Deeper Sublime really keeps us chilled on our way to the Promised Land by Gold Lounge.... Close your eyes and feel the Omni Ambient; DigiTube superbe soundtrack music just before the beats come in again: we get some Opium by Merge of Equals, tribal influences, great atmopherics and bleeps, album available by June17th and first here on our show! Sit down now and enjoy the sight: Tranquil Dusk has it all, guitar, strings, piano, easy going grooves, fantastic music from the Cosmic Chill Lounge vol. 5 album. Men come from Mars, women come from...? Enjoying the Waterfall effect by Setsuna. Time to get into trance: unique track ‘In My Mind’ by Merge of Equals, try this in your car, hope you have this nice woofer blasting you off this world... and to make this journey complete we invite you to breathe ‘Atesh’. Finally, meet Alexel from France: he did a great job on the Runaway Sunset track, taken from the album Ibiza Meets Beauty Chill Vol.2 - Fresh Air! no.17 is brought to you by Spacemusic.nl - wanna support us? Please feel free and click the donate button on our site - we appreciate it! Here’s the tracklist: [00:00] Welcome to Fresh Air! Lounge Series episode no.17 [00:52] ALPHA 9 : Come Home (TC’s favorite uptempo) [06:30] VARGO : One Language [10:33] JEAN MARE : Love Lounge [14:37] JEAN MARE ft. SVETLANA : Everything [20:18] SOUNDSET CITY : Get It On [26:49] RICHARD BONNEE : Arctic Circle [32:02] ALY + FILA ft. SUE MCLAREN : Still [35:42] DEEPER SUBLIME : Hold My hand [40:04] GOLD LOUNGE : Promised Land [44:40] DIGITUBE : Omni Ambient [48:13] MERGE OF EQUALS : Opium [52:50] DEEPER SUBLIME : Tranquil Dusk [57:37] SETSUNA : Waterfall [59:00] MERGE OF EQUALS : In My Mind [01:03:32] MERGE OF EQUALS : Atesh [01:09:59] ALEXEL : Runaway Sunset
Mon, 06 Jun 2011 22:46:08 +0200
Fresh Air! (16)
May 3rd 2011... plenty of sunshine coming through the window and speakers! After days of over 20C it has dropped now till 10C.... and THAT’s chilly as! So we turn up the heating system and make things comfortable in the studio. Our journey starts with the uptempo dance track by Dulac and Dobois called ‘Turning’... straight from the heart as they say, if you were not in love, you will be now. Back to the downtempo mode we meet Triangle Sun, Desa Systems, Velvet Lounge Project for a nice flow in the same key.... a back-to-back mix you’ll like. Soul and Love Lounge is a great album and should be in your collection, the energy, the chilled mood, the images that will come to mind, a Tyranno Lounge Records release, available in many stores. Desa Systems is the artist that came to us electronically, happy to mention it’s available on iTunes and seriously... one you HAVE to own! Too good to skip actually so click the link below in the shownotes. Next station: Time by SINE which is a 5 minute journey through emotion, dreams and desire. When you go where no one has gone before... best experienced when watching the sun go down! Now dry your eyes and step into the Spaceship hosted by Triangle Sun, fantaaastic track, turn up the volume and enjoy this master piece, sometimes you’ll even hear your phone during the song which is very well done by these guys. Keep going now and sing along with Camouflage’s very cool track called ‘Me and You’. Now we go back to the beach among the reed where we meet Steve Osaka and pray when listening to the fabulous Lounge Worship series. So many memories, so many lies, we’ve had some laughter, I’ll be your friend. Sudden thoughts and feelings, missing my baby. Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone in the best version one can think of! The Afterlife Lounge is where we sit down and look forward to upcoming days of sunshine, and so much more. I’m here. Here’s the tracklist: [00:00] Welcome to Fresh Air! Lounge Series episode no.16 [00:45] DULAC & DUBOIS : Turning (ft. Szen) [07:34] TRIANGLE SUN : Forever [08:24] DESA SYSTEMS : Fleeting Glimpse [14:42] VELVET LOUNGE PROJECT : Contigo [18:36] BROOK SAPPHIRE : Trust In Love [22:02] TRIANGLE SUN : Secret Desire [26:30] SINE : Time [31:36] TRIANGLE SUN : Spaceship [35:58] CAMOUFLAGE : Me And You [42:16] STEVE OSAKA : Among The Reed [44:58] LOUNGE WORSHIP : I Belong To You [47:24] LOUNGE WORSHIP : I’ll Be Your Friend [52:12] TRIANGLE SUN : You’ll Never Give Up [57:37] AL JARREAU : Ain’t no Sunhine (Rishis RMX) [01:03:27] AFTERLIFE : Return To Margin (Afterlife MX) [01:09:21] TRIANGLE SUN : I’m Here Show is compressed to a 192Kbps MP3 file for a change. We no longer publish AAC files as it seems the world has stuck to old-fashioned behaviour anywayzzz. After 4 years we gave up...cheers!
Tue, 03 May 2011 22:46:22 +0200
Fresh Air! (15)
April 2nd 2011... Summer’s here! From the Studio in Rotterdam we bring you the best lounge and downtempo songs that get you in the mood. Music by Gold Lounge, Fade, Dezarate, Rhodescreen, Aware, James Bright and many others. The view is excellent, the temperature rising till... 23C today, what an amazing feeling! Of course this is only a sneak peeeeek of what’s coming next months....Have a fantastic day! Here’s the tracklist: [00:00] Welcome to Fresh Air! Lounge Series episode no.15 [00:45] GOLD LOUNGE : Spirals [07:31] FADE : Starlight [09:31] DEZARATE : La Noche [13:59] GOLD LOUNGE : Elektro Paris [19:45] MIRACLE OF THE SUN : Smooth Sexophone [24:38] GOLD LOUNGE : African Hotel Suite [28:49] MIGUEL : All I Want is You [33:43] RHODESCREEN : Explorer [37:47] AWARE : First Light [45:32] JAMES BRIGHT : Paris [51:50] Visiting the FRESH AIR! garden... [52:21] AL JEWER, ANDY MITRAN : Ritual Cave [56:17] DOMADAR : Lipa Noi [01:04:26] DESA SYSTEMS : Beautiful Mistake [01:12:35] GURU JOSH PROJECT : Infinity (Steen Thottrup Chill Mix) Show is compressed to a 192Kbps AAC file including chapter makers for easy navigation and information. Please use a player like iTunes for the full experience. Don’t like the file format? Feel free to convert to MP3 and forgive us. Thanks to all musicians and producers to support us.
Sat, 02 Apr 2011 22:46:30 +0200
Fresh Air! (14)
From Summer to Winter, from Heaven to Earth.... it’s totally cool to be here again with the first new Fresh Air! podcast in 2011. Many thanks to all artists and labels that share their music with us for playing on the show.... you know who you are! Fantastic Romantic or call it Moments in Love with music by Triangle Sun, SINE, Mark Watson, VARGO and our magician: Michael E. >:>> Feels good 2B back online with our Lounge Series.... keep supporting us, the more feedback, the better!! Yes please, communicate! Have a great night and enjoy life the MAXI-Fresh Air-STYLE We love you! BAND INFO [05:55] GOLD LOUNGE : Close Your Eyes [10:19] SINE : The Beginning [16:21] KLANGSTEIN : Closer [20:58] MARK WATSON : Wave Farewell [25:16] POLISHED CHROME : Remember Me [29:25] STEREOESQUE : Change for a Time [35:02] GENUINE ft. BAHRAMJI : Sands [42:41] VARGO - Precious Part II. [46:50] MICHAEL E. : She’s Hypnotic [52:12] TRIANGLE SUN : Holyground [56:28] The Tech Stuff.... [57:22] TRIANGLE SUN : It’s Heavy To Breathe [01:03:25] The Art Of Compression... [01:04:07] VARGO ft. DAN MILLMAN : Warriors Show is compressed to a 256Kbps AAC file including chapter makers for easy navigation and information. Please use a player like iTunes for the full experience. Don’t like the file format? Feel free to convert to MP3 and forgive us. Thanks to all musicians and producers to support us.... and not the least: thanks to our Soul Mates, you know who you are... Love & Light
Sat, 12 Feb 2011 23:23:00 +0100
Fresh Air! (13)
Once upon a time there was Summer; today we will dream and chill to enjoy the memories of Summer 2010. Fresh Air! episode number 13 is a fact. Quality above quantity has always been the motto. Prepare for the most beautiful tracks: a full hour lounge style music. Big thanks to all labels and artists that were so very kind to share their music for air play. Fresh Air! no.13 features great tunes; take the Gold Lounge track for instance called “Touch Me”. Recently the iPad was playing this one in the morning while waking up, it simply doesn’t get any better starting your day! The Gaelle track called “Transient” is a deep and chilled piece of art, her voice and smooth sound beds are just perfect, from an angel. The “Dellbao” track by Frank Borell and Jenny Kiwool immediately takes you to an island in the sun, stressless. Enjoy this show and drop some comments to let us know what you think. Here’s the tracklist: [00:00] Welcome to Fresh Air! Lounge Series episode no.13 [03:01] GOLD LOUNGE - World Koma [07:18] DJ SLEEPTALKER - Diamonds and Pearls [10:17] GOLD LOUNGE - Touch Me [16:23] BY THE WAY - Between You And Me [23:22] MANDALAY - Flowers Bloom [27:52] CHRIS ZIPPEL - Surface [33:56] GAELLE - Give It Back (TIP!) [38:30] LIGHTCATCHERS - Under Your Skin [41:30] MERGE OF EQUALS - In This World [45:53] GAELLE - Transient [51:52] FRANK BORELL ft. J. KIWOOL - Dellbao [57:46] LIVING ROOM - Asia Lounge [1:01:09] EVOLVE - You Couldn’t Be More Wrong [1:06:15] Final Thoughts... [1:09:01] ROBERT JANSON - Testimony 1 (Swiadectwo soundtrack) Show is compressed to a 256Kbps AAC file including chapter makers for easy navigation and information. Please use a player like iTunes for the full experience. Don’t like the file format? Feel free to convert to MP3 and forgive us. Thanks!
Tue, 05 Oct 2010 22:16:41 +0200
Fresh Air! (12)
Summer Time in full effect! It has been around 25C or higher during the last 4 weeks I think... in the studio/house/bedroom the temperatures rise till 28C just like that.... Perhaps we should invest in serious Air Conditioning? Looking for a sponsor to do that. Let yourselves hear if you care. This show: heavenly productions. Serious LOUNGE and smooth RELAXATION music like the way we love it. Music performed by The Velvet Lounge Project, Goldfrapp, Sine, Sounds from the Ground, Charlie North & Michael E., Dash Berlin and many more... FAQ: How do you find this podcast when Google doesn’t pickup subdomains like this one? We don’t know. That’s why we mentioned the tag ‘underground’ lately. And we will stay that way. >>> SPOTLIGHT: Samantha James (Los Angeles, California, USA) WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE SPOTLIGHT PAGE START (00:00) FRESH AIR! LOUNGE SERIES 12 for July 17th 2010 (03:01) The Velvet Lounge Project - Make me Yours (07:11) Sine - Smooth Relaxation (11:59) Musetta - Red Star (15:39) Goldfrapp - Utopia (19:47) Sounds from the Ground - Move On (25:14) Spotlight!!! (26:47) Samantha James - Tree of Life (31:31) Samantha James - Subconscious (37:32) Genuine - Reflect (42:37) Stockfinster - Crack in Time (47:33) Summer Shower (48:27) Dash Berlin - I Believe in You (53:34) Cool down... (54:56) Charlie North Michael E - Chinese Whispers (59:11) This couple just got married... (59:58) William Orbit - Optical illusions END
Sat, 17 Jul 2010 22:04:05 +0200
Fresh Air! (11)
Can anybody tell us where the sun might be? It’s unbelievable in Rotterdam... May 9th 2010: grey weather and only 8 degrees Celsius. So happy we received a couple of new releases lately. We just couldn’t resist producing a new podcast. After 9 months of silence the Fresh Air! podcast is back online with a new show. We feature 4 tracks from the new Cosmic Chill Lounge volume 4 edition, music from Schiller brings us in the mood for travelling. Enjoy! (00:00) FRESH AIR! LOUNGE SERIES 11 (03:22) Matisse ft. Yana Fortep - Fly (06:55) Schellrich and Sine - Springtime (11:32) Dos Buratinos - Control U Inbox (18:36) This is Fresh Air! podcast #11 (19:02) Sonic Adventure Project - Hollow (Sine RMX) (24:18) Please click the links… which links? Garageband has failed. Sorry. (26:40) Schiller ft. Odette di Maio - Lost (31:40) Schiller ft. Henree - I will follow you (35:47) In the mood for traveling…!
Mon, 10 May 2010 17:55:43 +0200
Fresh Air! (10)
The first Fresh Air! show was published in februari 2007.... hi-quality lounge and downtempo has been the motto since then, electronic and acoustic music from all over the world. And it has been 10 very succesful shows with tons of good music by so many talented musicians and producers. Known artists and new talents have been kocking on our doors and they still do. Don't stop! Please continue sending us your demo songs and albums as downtempo themed shows are in the lab.... Premiere on the podcast: the new "Cool Off Chillout volume 2" - an absolutely amazing lounge album - to be released in september and already on our show! Responsible for this brand new release: SINE music from Württemberg, Germany. Artists like Polished Chrome and Thomas Lemmer. A must-have! Besides this sampler you'll hear music from the "Diamonds and Pearls volume 2" release, "Cosmic Chill Lounge". Also the man with the diamond pair of ears is on today's playlist: ielo featuring Eleana and their brand new single "Into You". An uptempo surprise!!! Enjoy the party vibes and listen to exclusive remixes made possible by 'The Velvethead Lounge' podcast. Some super downtempo tracks to wrap up the show, nonstop mix performed by TC, you should like this one. a Big thanks to all musicians, producers and to our audience; you have been a great support during the past 31 months and hopefully you'll tell others about our show as well. More lounge and downtempo entertainment via the regular Spacemusic.nl podcast feed. Cheers! Tracklist: (00:00) FRESH AIR! LOUNGE SERIES 10 - The Conclusion (???) (00:35) Health care for both me and my Mac (05:06) Polished Chrome - Gimme Your Love (promo: COOL OFF CHILLOUT 2.) (08:50) Thomas Lemmer - The Music (promo: COOL OFF CHILLOUT 2.) (12:41) GMP - Fragile Dream (16:40) Unn - Escape The Time (23:03) Ensoul - Close Your Eyes (27:07) Merge Of Equals - Clear Blue Sky (29:54) Klangstein - Deep Dive (35:54) SINE - Our Secret Garden (promo: COOL OFF CHILLOUT 2.) (39:33) Iëlo - Into You ft. Eleana (his site) (her site) (44:14) Uptempo Party Vibes... (44:56) Joshua Heath - Monday Blues (Yogi and Husky Tech Wash Mix) (49:09) Pet Shop Boys - I Don't Know What You Want (David Morales RMX) (55:23) Abakus - A Whole New Day of Looking at the Day (58:02) Electrix - Nightfly (promo: COOL OFF CHILLOUT 2.) (1:04:18) Lounge Worship - Above All (not from this world) (1:08:59) The end of a series.... is the beginning of something new and beautiful! (1:10:46) Schiller - Wehmut (the perfect end) ==================================
Tue, 25 Aug 2009 21:08:42 +0200
Fresh Air! (9)
It's good to be back online with the downtempo bag...Fresh Air! Lounge Series brings you a fine collection of the best lounge, downtempo and chillout music from all over the world. July 2009 and we're in the middle of Summer; our journey starts with a track from the Above and Beyond album 'Tri-State' , still one of the favorites. A real premiere on this show: the new Merge of Equals album (also: featured on the Senseo Sundays podcast today) by Flavio Maspoli guarantees Electronica, Funk and Film. From France it's StarKLounge dropping by with the beautiful 'Leaf' song, it's typical French, it's typical good! Speaking of which... ieuml;lo has done e remix for Pat Appleton; his version of 'What's Next' must be played at high volume, the man that has a pair of ears! We were inspired by the DJ Tocadisco song and found this 18 years old track by Bomb The Bass... "The Air You Breathe" still is a golden relaxer. In short: download the episode number 9, it should be on your iPod during Summer... START (00:00) FRESH AIR! LOUNGE SERIES 9 - What's Next? (00:40) Above #38; Beyond - Indonesia (05:45) Merge Of Equals - True Love (10:28) StarKLounge - Leaf (15:03) Pat Appleton - What's Next? (ieuml;lo RMX) (21:13) DJ Tocadisco - Let's Get Down (25:14) Bomb The Bass - The Air You Breath (1991) (31:48) Merge Of Equals - Trees On The Moon (34:38) Boot Cut Rockers - Blue Beach (39:20) Dave Jerome - Give Me Your love (45:19) Asheni - Only Magic (51:45) Jean Mare ft. Nadine Hoffman - You And Me END AIR PLAY: SEND YOUR MUSIC TO FRESHAIRLOUNGESERIES@GMAIL.COM
Sun, 12 Jul 2009 18:00:49 +0200
Fresh Air! (8)
After a week of 35-40C @ Rhodes Island, Greece - it's not very easy to adapt to the weather in Holland; Rotterdam shows a tiny little 17.1C and totally grey so we better start this show and dream away.... Today's opening is about Oceanlab, a project that consists of Above #38; Beyond + female vocalist Justin Suissa. The album is called "Sirens of the Sea" and is a MUSTHAVE for all listeners of the Fresh Air! series. Follow the link in the shownotes for buying this fantastic production from the iTunes Store and send Oceanlab your greetings.... The tracklist shows us a wide variety of artists this episode, piece by piece the best lounge and chillout songs with many thanks to labels, artists and producers that have sent us their material. It's getting more and more every week and we're very happy to see this happening. A very warm welcome home that keeps us in the right Summer Mood for sure! THANKS, you know who you are! Recorded on August 27th 2008 between 09:30AM and 17:30PM Post production @ Spacemusic Studios, Rotterdam/Holland. START (00:00) FRESH AIR! LOUNGE SERIES 8 - Sweat and Tears (00:30)nbsp;Oceanlabnbsp;-nbsp;Breaking Ties (Flow Mix) (CLICK to BUY) (03:09) Wednesday august 27th @ 12:15PM - Rotterdam=Grey! (04:09)nbsp;Empty Roomsnbsp;- I'm gonna miss you (06:16)nbsp;Jean Mare ft. Svetlananbsp;- Everything (12:58) Jean Marenbsp;- You and Me (14:57)nbsp;SINEnbsp;- Slowjam (21:17)nbsp;Dave Jeromenbsp;- Hi Cut Switch (26:05)nbsp;ieuml;lonbsp;- 20.000AM (29:42)nbsp;Musettanbsp;- Catch22 (33:48)nbsp;Fluffnbsp;- Silent Life (...where R U Fluff...???) (38:54)nbsp;Lounge Worshipnbsp;- Serve Somebody (last temptation of TC...) (42:48)nbsp;Afterlife ft. Dannii Minoguenbsp;- Take Me Inside (original mx) (46:26) Getting Sweaty...bag of Japanese Nuts and "Cashew Noten" (47:52)nbsp;Dave Jeromenbsp;- The Future is Love (51:28) E-mail bynbsp;Tyranno Lounge Recordsnbsp;(Germany) (53:07) SPECIAL :::nbsp;Velvet Lounge Projectnbsp;- Make Me Yours (Hazme Tuya) (58:02) SPECIAL :::nbsp;Velvet Lounge Projectnbsp;- Ven a Mi (1:01:31) - Soulful and Silky voice by Nidia Ortiz + DJ Sleeptalker + M.Mix = VLP (1:02:20) - Shownotes within this file + Fresh Air! website END
Thu, 28 Aug 2008 00:53:06 +0200
Fresh Air! (7)
This time we took the mic and went out.... LIVE recording from 't Haringvliet, 30 km's South of Rotterdam. Portable setup down the river. Visit this place when you're in the neighbourhood, it's worth to have a look at the river, boats passing by, the Haringvliet bridge and 2 enormous power hi-towers. We brought a big bag full of great music to fit into this show. Lukas Termena knows how to start this podcast with excellent wide sounds. The Man in the Moon is back with us featuring Oli S with beautiful vocals and very catchy atmospheres.... StarK Lounge from La France introduces us to some groovy stuff that makes your heart beat faster! Flying High with Polished Chrome till we enter the SPECIAL for this podcast episode: Alexel, the man with real French in his blood devoted to his true passion for electronic music. From the UK Michael E. brings us a Cafeacute; Tranquillo we will remember forever till it's time for a real escape....: Bohemian spirit with a touch of melancoly in her writings, Clarisse Albrecht invites us to escape and she succeeds! A Romantic walk from the Hamburg Blankenese Station through the wonderful district..... meet "Ponton Op 'n Bulln" sampler no.1 with tracks by Merge of Equals, Sin Plomo and Guenter Haas ft. Bonny Ferrer (what a beautiful voice!) last but not least, the Postman brought us an album sent by Aware. Join us now! All recorded on the Macbook Pro/Samson dyn. mic/Logic Studio 8. Post-production @ Spacemusic studios. START (00:28) FRESH AIR! LOUNGE SERIES 7 - LIVE from 't Haringvliet, NL (00:43)nbsp;Lukas Termenanbsp;- 2000 Miles to Heaven (05:19)nbsp;Man in the Moon ft. Oli S. - Feel my Love (11:10)nbsp;StarK Loungenbsp;- From Day to Day (16:05)nbsp;Polished Chromenbsp;- Secret of Sound (22:18)nbsp;Alexelnbsp;- New Dawn (FRESH AIR SPECIAL) (24:38)nbsp;Alexelnbsp;- Daily Phenomena (FRESH AIR SPECIAL) (28:59)nbsp;Michael E.nbsp;- Blow (33:23)nbsp;Michael E.nbsp;- Kiss (38:22)nbsp;Clarisse Albrechtnbsp;- Nao Possa Parar (SoulAvenues mix) (42:50)nbsp;Merge of Equalsnbsp;- Beautiful Nothing (48:47)nbsp;Sin Plomo ft. Boris G.nbsp;- Why can't we live together? (53:49)nbsp;Guenter Haas ft. Bonny Ferrernbsp;- Look Inside Yourself (58:24) Tracklist for today's show... (1:02:48)nbsp;Awarenbsp;- Corazoacute;n Partido END (Original recording: July 28th/29th 2008) Next Show: ETA - August 30th 2008
Sat, 02 Aug 2008 23:14:48 +0200
Fresh Air! (6)
June 16th 2008 - it's good to be back online with the Fresh Air! Lounge Series. This time via it's own space, it's own feed. We've been waiting a long time for this moment isn't it? Plenty of excellent lounge and downtempo music on today's show. The theme for today: "Cross That Line" = 100% inspired by this great band called 'SINE', they drop by with the theme song "Cross That Line"; The Man In The Moon answers that crossing with the beautiful Deborah on the microphone. Of course we stop @ the beach this season with Sunburn in Cyprus; already in the mood for some serious chillin'? Have some Mindsoup to relax and sit under the Marula Tree to see Michael E perform......always "Beware of my Love" and say hi to Soulcraft, some "Statements" by 4Tunes and then our Fresh Air! special for this episode: Lisa Shaw with 2 wonderful tracks you should simply buy right away! Lucie Burns is featuring and feeling "Good Inside" with Terrafunka, hopefully more productions by these two wizards soon. The "Vintage Keys" by DigiTube tells us a story and plays the piano well so that we can read through the tracklist at last. One more thing: the final song for Fresh Air! podcast #6 is done by Michael E. - probably one of the best downtempo tracks we've heard in a long time. "She's Hypnotic" really gives us goose pimps every time we hear it, well done Michael! Have a great show everybody and thank you for doing the poll! nbsp; START (00:28) FRESH AIR! LOUNGE SERIES 6 - WELCOME (04:52) SINE - Cross That Line (10:48) Man in the Moon ft. Deborah Vilchez - Fragil (15:14) Sunburn in Cyprus - Hidden Beauty? (19:48) Sunburn in Cyprus - Dreamtime (23:11) Mindsoup - Day 42 (29:13) Mindsoup - Porcelain Daymark (35:15) Michael E. - The Marula Tree (39:41) Soulcraft - Beware of my Love (43:20) 4Tunes - Statements (48:24) SPECIAL: Lisa Shaw - Matter of Time (52:46) SPECIAL: Lisa Shaw - When I (58:24) Terrafunka ft. Lucie Burns - Good Inside (1:01:49) DigiTube - Vintage Keys (1:05:16) TRACKLIST for today's show (1:09:54) Michael E. - She's Hypnotic END
Mon, 16 Jun 2008 10:01:05 +0200
Fresh Air! (5)
Patience is getting rewarded! Tons of good lounge and downtempo this show and... a special 'LIVE' surprise! The Love Bird starts our this time, LIVING ROOM brings us several tracks today to make us feel comfortable at home and underway, Riccicomoto shows us how powerful soundtrack music can be, we stop at the Beach for the Sunburn in Cyprus production team while The Operator is building a bridge between Alan Parsons Project and Tangerine Dream. Late Night Alumni sings like an angel and finally the new album by ieuml;lo makes our weekend 100% OK! Lazy Hammock tunes and vibes for everyone ;-) Good music from Germany, the UK, Norway and once again, La France drops a intriguing style , this time by Alexel. We just love it and hope you do too! START (00:36) Call me Yang - Love Bird (08:15) Living Room - Deep Breath (11:38) Riccicomoto - Q's Department (16:30) Sunburn in Cyprus - Busy day on the beach? (22:34) TAX - Operator (27:07) Living Room - Electric Town (29:20) Late Night Alumni - I Knew You When (33:55) Ieuml;lo - Rhinaa? (37:25) Ieuml;lo - Free Your Spirit (41:29) Living Room - Equipped House (45:33) Interview ::: Lazy Hammock ::: (52:31) Afterlife ft. Hermione - Show You Something? (55:37) Interview ::: Lazy Hammock ::: (58:02) Lazy Hammock - Lazy Hammock (1:01:13) Interview ::: Lazy Hammock ::: (1:01:11) Lazy Hammock - You light my mind (1:05:12) Interview ::: Lazy Hammock ::: (1:12:21) Lazy Hammock - Island Lover (1:16:46) Alexel - Postcard from mind II. (1:20:00) Thanks for listening (1:21:02) Alexel - Then You Came... END Original post date: 2007-06-29
Thu, 21 Jun 2007 11:52:16 +0200
Fresh Air! (4)
With a big smile Spacemusic brings you NEW Fresh Air! tunes for May 2007. In store today: Evolve for a great story, Sunburn in Cyprus treats your skin well the chill-out style, our friend Lazy Hammock drops by to sing a song to her Island Lover while Musetta from Italy shows us the Red Star in the sky that brings us peace and melodies, we visit Paris to meet Shine to rest our head, comme si l'amour! Like a true love story this episode contains some unexpected and very pleasant surprises like the Kalabi way of having a great time all together. What are we talking about? Number four of the Fresh Air! series so close to a full house just before Summer starts.... Tune in to hear the complete lounge story and enjoy! START (00:27) Sunburn in Cyprus - Your Smile (05:15) Sunburn in Cyprus - Change (10:04) Evolve - Well, gotta story (13:23) Nothing changes as much as the weather...however... (14:25) Evolve - Detached, Isolated and Remote (18:29) Riccardo Eberspacher - I feel love (ft. Leila Atza) (23:02) Lazy Hammock - Island Lover (26:10) Musetta - Peace and Melody (29:58) Musetta - Red Star (33:27) Lazy Hammock - Freefall (37:37) Shine - Comme si L'Amour (42:00) Shine - Rest Your Head On Me (47:02) Kalabi - 47 burning violins (51:34) Kalabi - Pingbok (54:26) Tracklist for today's show (58:13) Riccardo Eberspacher - For Love END Original post date: 2007-05-12
Mon, 21 May 2007 11:30:38 +0200
Fresh Air! (3)
Fresh Air! 3 will hopefully amaze you as much as us again... Very proud to present hi-quality music in different genres: Cinematic tracks by Sleepy Town Manufacture, Beautiful atmospherics by Aware, visiting Germany for Silvia Bollnow who gives us a Magic Intense look into her kitchen, chilling with Michael E. from the UK who really knows about creating moods, and our Australian Away Team directed by Rick.e.dee gives us the superbe Bondi Chill Treatment. In short? Not possible. This is a Fresh Air! podcast that we didn't even dream of ourselves... including a special ode to a special producer. Many thanks to all artists! START (02:17) Sleepy Town Manufacture - For Pogisto (03:39) Sleepy Town Manufacture - Fortnight (08:24) Aware - Firstlight (15:11) Silvia Bollnow - Magic Intense?(18:30) Silvia Bollnow - Through You (23:51) Michael E - Ofelia's World (29:41) Bondi Chill - Springtime (33:15) Bondi Chill - Africa (39:07) Young Parisians - Jump the next train (ft. Ben Lost) (42:52) Michael E - A Better World (48:37) Stockfinster - A Crack in Time (53:39) Stockfinster - All becomes music? (1:01:45) For The Memory Of Henrik Takkenberg (1:04:41) Henrik Takkenberg - Espiral END Original post date: 2007-04-08
Sat, 21 Apr 2007 11:05:23 +0200
Fresh Air! (2)
We are gonna make it happen with LUMINOUS, chilling with KOOKOON, adventures from Australia with the BONDI CHIIL series by Rick.e.dee, EVOLVE shows us the Brit in California together with Margo Reymundo, singer/songwriter and producer LAZY HAMMOCK guarantees quality lounge and sings like an angel on the AFTERLIFE Simplicity 2000 album.... need we say more? START (00:27) Luminous - Make it Happen (05:39) Evolve - Where were you (on Sunday afternoon) (10:07) Kokoon - Cruising (14:34) John Balint - Hearsay? (20:56) URL - Rhodetry Salvage (27:13) Evolve - Couldn't be more wrong (32:54) Bondi Chill - Escape2summer (35:33) Bondi Chill - Mor More (43:26) Lazy Hammock - Moonstar (47:32) Afterlife ft. Lazy Hammock - Show you something (53:25) Project Paradise - Aum Dakhini (59:17) Thank you for listening? (1:00:39) Gary B. - Set me Free END Original post date: 2007-03-04
Wed, 21 Mar 2007 09:55:05 +0100
Fresh Air! (1)
Building bridges with KRAUTIOPHARM, excellent sampling with CODE314. Relaxing in Paris with IELO: we will hear a lot more from this super artist! In Stockholm we listen to I AWAKE plus his beautiful collaboration project. The most played artist on Ibiza: AFTERLIFE, exclusively on today's show! Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats and sofa's... START (03:01) Krautiopharm - Diazepam (07:13) Krautiopharm - Ritalin (11:33) Code314 - Wine of Youth (16:09) Code314 - Wave Art Manifesto (22:47) Sanagi - The Rabbit Hole (26:00) Acidhead - High (31:48) ieuml;lo - 20.000 AM (34:39) ieuml;lo - Free Your Spirit (39:20) I Awake - Neveritized (44:39) Project Paradise - One And The Same (50:20) The Afterlife Lounge - Souk Rok (ft. Kid Stone) (55:31) The Afterlife Lounge - Let it Go (ft. Battistessa) END Original Post Date: 2007-02-03
Wed, 14 Feb 2007 18:14:38 +0100
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