Nvidia and AMD announce next generation AI chips as competition heats up

1 週前
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Nvidia (NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) introduced their latest generation of AI chips — Nvidia's Ruben and AMD's MI325X accelerator — as the chip giants accelerate into a new product cycle. I/O Fund Lead Tech Analyst Beth Kindig joins The Morning Brief to comment on the market share these chip leaders have room to acquire as they roll out more of these products in the tightening AI race.
"So in this AI battle, this AI competition between AMD and Nvidia, what we're seeing is something that has never been done before at the data center level," Kindig tells Yahoo Finance. "They're basically going to be releasing these every year, as you said, there's Blackwell by the end of this year, Blackwell Ultra, Ruben, Ruben Ultra. And within that, there's additional variations."
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