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Why I Bought the 16" M3 Max MacBook Pro...
1 個月前
 • 9 次觀看
Apple just released their first 3 nanometer Mac with the new 14 and 16 inch M3 MacBook Pro lineup and while there's a more affordable 14" M3 MacBook Pro now in the lineup... I decided to go with the most expensive model the 16 inch M3 Max MacBook Pro which
M3 MacBook Pro - Watch THIS Before You BUY!
1 個月前
 • 20 次觀看
Secure your business effortlessly with a 3-month NordPass trial! Use 'gregsgadgets’' activation code at http://nordpass.com/gregsgadgets. Limited time offer! Apple just announced the new M3 MacBook Pro lineup with a surprise lower cost M3 model of the 14 i
1 個月前
 • 13 次觀看
Apple announced a new 24 inch iMac with a new powerful M3 chip, Wifi 6e, and Bluetooth 5.3 The iMac keeps the same great design it had in 2021, but it also keeps some other things around that really needed to change... Buy M3 iMac: https://amzn.to/3s5E9OV
Apple Scary FAST October Event! (NEW M3 MACS CONFIRMED!)
Apple just gave us a surprise October event announcement for their Scary fast event! Expect to see brand new M3 Macs including an update to the M3 iMac with new USB-C accessories and also a possible update to the MacBook Pro with the M3 Pro and M3 Max chip
1 個月前
 • 5 次觀看
Apple is gearing up for a surprise October event at the very end of the month to take place on October 30 or 31st where Apple is rumored to introduce new M3 iMacs, new USB-C Magic Keyboard, mouse, and trackpad, and possibly introducing the brand new M3 Pro
iOS 17 - 17 TIPS & TRICKS!
2 個月前
 • 19 次觀看
iOS 17 is now available as a free software update for the iPhone 14 all the way down to the iPhone XS, and there are so many new tips, tricks, and hidden features in this update that you need to know about. Like how to download offline maps, how to use nam
iPhone 15 Pro - EVERYONE is WRONG!
2 個月前
 • 30 次觀看
There was a lot of criticism this year about the iPhone 15 Pro being a small update, but it looks like this update turned out to be bigger than most people give it credit for and here are a few reasons why I think it sold out to be the most popular iPhone
Why I Bought the iPhone 15 Pro Max...
2 個月前
 • 38 次觀看
The iPhone 15 Pro Max is now available to preorder and I want to tell you why I bought one and why I think this is truly one of the first iPhones without compromise. I'll also go over what features I'm excited for, the color I ordered, and the exact config
iPhone 15 ALL NEW Accessories! (FineWoven Case, Wallet & MORE!)
The iPhone 15 has a bunch of new accessories including a new FineWoven Case, FineWoven Magsafe wallet, new USB-C EarBuds, and of course a new USB-C to lightning dongle.
iPhone 15 Buyer's Guide - DON'T BE FOOLED!
2 個月前
 • 22 次觀看
The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are finally here I want to do a buyer's guide on both of these phones because while both phones now look the same there are actually still a lot of small differences between these phones that I think a lot of people might ov
iPhone 15 - Is Apple Even Trying?
2 個月前
 • 16 次觀看
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15" MacBook Air Watch THIS BEFORE YOU BUY!
5 個月前
 • 37 次觀看
Apple just announced a new 15" MacBook Air that may be the best deal in Apple laptops right now with its low $1299 starting price and big 15" display. But what should you know before you purchase this new MacBook and is there any reason why you might want
Apple Vision Pro BLEW MY MIND!
5 個月前
 • 28 次觀看
Apple had a jam packed WWDC 2023 but of course the announcement on everyone's mind right now is Apple's new augmented reality headset the Apple Vision Pro which is the first device I have ever scene with a promise this bold of actually letting you mix an a
The NEW HomePod Will Fail Again
10 個月前
 • 55 次觀看
Apple just announced a new HomePod with 5 tweeters, a 4inch woofer, a 4 array microphone system, a new S7 chip, new midnight color, and new features like a temperature and humidity sensor and the ability for the HomePod to recognize sounds like smoke ala
M2 Pro mac mini VS Mac Studio (APPLE, WHY!?)
10 個月前
 • 47 次觀看
Apple just announced the long awaited update to the Mac mini and equipped it not only with a new M2 chip but also gave us the option for an even better Mac mini equipped with a powerful M2 Pro chip. However, while Apple may have created a nice low cost a
The M2 Mac mini Is INSANE!
10 個月前
 • 56 次觀看
Apple just announced the brand new M2 Mac mini with more options than ever before thanks to a new model that comes with an M2 Pro chip. However, there's a few things Apple did not mention in their announcement video including differences between the M2 M
NEW 2023 15" MacBook Air Preview!
10 個月前
 • 22 次觀看
Apple has a big hole in the MacBook lineup with the current M2 MacBook Pro looking more like a 2016 computer than a cutting edge one from 2023. Thankfully, Apple has a new solution for 2023, and this one is a first for the MacBook lineup, and that would
Apple's MASSIVE 2023 EVENT!
10 個月前
 • 48 次觀看
Apple has a lot of products to announce in 2023 with the last minute delays in 2022 this means that we are expecting refreshed products across the entire Mac lineup with a new 14 and 16" M2 Pro MacBook Pro, M2 Mac mini, M2 Pro Mac mini, M2 iMac, a 15"
1 年前
 • 40 次觀看
Apple just announced the brand new M2 iPad Pro with wifi6e and enhanced Apple Pencil support with a new hover gesture, and a completely redesigned 10th generation iPad with a 10.9 inch display, no home button, with a lot of enhancements that are found wi