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Zac Efron is JACKED for The Iron Claw Movie
1 個月前
 • 16 次觀看
Zac Efron looks absolutely jacked in the newly released trailer for The Iron Claw, where he plays 80s pro-wrestler, Kevin Von Erich. At the end of last year, some behind the scenes photos were released showing his dramatic transformation, and it looks even
Hugh Jackman on Juicing for Wolverine
10 個月前
 • 19 次觀看
In a recent interview, Hugh Jackman talked about his preparation to reprise the role of Wolverine once again for the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 movie. He was asked how he was going to physically prepare now that he is 54 years old, and most unexpectedly
The Rock helped Hugh Jackman bulk up
1 年前
 • 13 次觀看
If you need helping bulking up for a movie, you can pull in a favour from one of your celebrity friends - and who better to get advice from than Dwayne The Rock Johnson. After Hugh Jackman lost lots of weight in 2012 for his role in Les Mis, he called The
Hugh Jackman CGI body for Deadpool 3
1 年前
 • 12 次觀看
Hugh Jackman is back for Deadpool 3, but a his body could be digitally enhanced with CGI for action sequences. This was true for the movie Logan, not only for the stunt double scenes with X-24, but also for a lot of the action scenes performed by stuntman
The Rock despised Black Adam costume
1 年前
 • 49 次觀看
Dwayne Johnson had an intense training regimen to get into the shape of his life for Black Adam, so was incredibly disappointed during his first suit fitting. The company that makes the superhero suits are incredible, but they add a lot of padding and fak
Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3
In a surprise announcement from Ryan Reynolds, it seems Hugh Jackman is reprising his role as Wolverine one more time for the Deadpool 3 movie. Hugh hasn't put on the claws since 2017 when he played Old Man Logan, which was supposed to be his last appea