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In-depth coverage of the global Microsoft/CrowdStrike outage | ABC NEWS
Watch the ABC's in-depth coverage of the global outage of IT systems believed to be caused by CrowdStrike software. There are reports of IT outages affecting major institutions in Australia and internationally, potentially one of the biggest global outages
Extended coverage: Microsoft outage impacting NYC area flights, but mass transit still running
A Microsoft outage is impacting airlines and dozens of flights in the New York City area, but subways and other trains are running as normal. CBS New York has live team coverage.
CrowdStrike IT outages 'will cost billions of dollars' • FRANCE 24 English
Airlines, banks, TV channels and other business across the globe were scrambling to deal with one of the biggest IT crashes in recent years on Friday, apparently caused by an update to an antivirus program called CrowdStrike. Fabrice Epelboin, a teacher at
Major global cyber outage hits airlines, banks and media outlets, impacting millions
Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike suffered a major outage on Friday, the company told NBC, impacting businesses globally. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s cloud services were restored after they also suffered an outage on the same day. CNBC’s Karen Tso and Arjun Kharpa
CrowdStrike founder and CEO apologizes for worldwide computer outages
The CEO of the cybersecurity firm at the heart of Microsoft’s worldwide outage choked on his words as he apologized for wreaking havoc early Friday – but couldn’t give a timeline for when everything would return to normal. CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz addr
How do CrowdStrike and Microsoft move forward after massive outage?
A global tech outage impacted millions on Friday after a faulty software update was sent from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike to Microsoft clients. CrowdStrike provides antivirus software to Microsoft for its Windows devices. Dan Ives, managing director and
How the CrowdStrike-Microsoft global tech outage unfolded
The National explains how a CrowdStrike software update crashed Microsoft Windows, triggering a tech outage that disrupted industries around the world. Ian Hanomansing asks cybersecurity expert Ritesh Kotek to break down how a similar outage could be preve
What is CrowdStrike and why was there a Microsoft outage?
Adam Isles, principal and head of cybersecurity at the Chertoff Group, explains what CrowdStrike does and why it's linked to the global Microsoft outage.
CrowdStrike: How an IT outage caused worldwide havoc
Flights were cancelled, trains delayed, shop tills stopped working and TV stations went off the air. All because of a faulty upgrade to a cyber security software system which triggered a global meltdown. The boss of Crowdstrike, the firm behind the system,
What caused the CrowdStrike-Microsoft global tech outage?
A global tech outage Friday grounded planes, sent offices offline and disrupted multiple industries. Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike says it identified a critical problem in its software and is working to fix the issue. Justin Cappos, professor and cybersec
Computer havoc caused by CrowdStrike outage could take days to fix | ABC News
An unprecedented outage of IT systems has caused a global computer shutdown, bringing services and major organisations to a standstill. Companies, small organisations, and government agencies worldwide are dealing with a massive computer glitch that is aff
Global IT outage: 'Biggest IT outage the world has ever seen'
A global IT outage is affecting major services including airlines, banks, healthcare and broadcasters across the world. It is believed the meltdown is related to an issue at the software company Microsoft and global cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike. Read mor
Widespread IT Outage Impacts Airlines, Banks
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Computer systems failed across the globe on Friday, taking down services at airlines, banks and the London Stock Exchange after a widely used cybersecurity program crashed and Microsoft Corp. separately reported problems with its cloud services. Kriti Gupt
CrowdStrike outage sparks global chaos with airline, bank and other disruptions
A global technology outage grounded flights, knocked banks offline and media outlets off air on Friday in a massive disruption that affected companies and services around the world and highlighted dependence on software from a handful of providers. Cyberse
LIVE. Airports SHUT DOWN. Microsoft / CrowdStrike CYBER ATTACK.
BREAKING NEWS. Global IT Outage. Air passengers around the world faced delays, cancellations and problems checking in as airports and airlines were caught up in a massive IT outage that also affected industries ranging from banks to media companies. Airpor
Microsoft Global Outage: Crowd Strike Down, Users Logged Out | Breaking News | Times Now
Breaking News: Microsoft Global Outage Causes System Logouts, CrowdStrike Down, Users Affected. Watch out for more such updates and news. #microsoftglobaloutage #microsoftnews #englishnews #latestnews #timesnow #breakingnews Times Network takes the lead wi
Microsoft Outage: Emergency Services Hit| Flights, Banks Affected| What Went Wrong With CrowdStrike
A major service outage at Microsoft on July 19 has brought the world to a standstill. The outage detecting platform, Downdetector has revealed that there are over 900 reports of the Microsoft 365 outage. Several airlines including Spicejet and Indigo have
CrowdStrike Created a Major Outage, AT&T & Hackers | cybernews.com
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Global IT outage: 'We're deeply sorry', CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz says
CEO of Crowdstrike George Kurtz delivers an apology after global IT outage disrupts businesses including banks, airlines, train companies, telecommunications companies, TV and radio broadcasters and supermarkets. Speaking to our partner NBC, Mr Kurtz said