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Is America ready for a woman to be President? | LBC
After Joe Biden bowed out of the 2024 presidential race on Sunday, Labour's Emily Thornberry, standing in for James O'Brien, spoke to LBC listeners who shared their thoughts on who would be a potential replacement as the Democrat nominee. 00:00 - Caller Fu
EP102|政府指特殊學校,國教未達標|拆解李嘉誠家族,成立家族辦背後用意|英國道路坑洞問題有幾嚴重? |兩邊走走
兩邊走走 兩邊走走|第102 集|2024.7.12 特校前教師:國安教育佔據學習生活技能時間;李澤鉅:成立家族辦制度化;英道路坑洞涉144億鎊經濟損失 今集內容: 01:34 英王促國家隊早奪歐國盃 02:57 中環「充氣奇觀」風波續 05:49 特殊學校國教不足被批評 17:03 ChatGPT落實不支持中港 17:49 再有大熊貓贈港特首雀躍 19:17 李氏家族成立家族辦背後 25:55 英大選後新內閣首周工作 27:45 道路坑洞為患英國難解決 32:47 首相訪美不忘提及歐國盃 #李嘉誠 #ke
Come behind the scenes as Labour's new cabinet is appointed
Come behind the scenes with Sky's Sam Coates as Labour's new cabinet members arrive at Downing Street. #shorts #skynews #politics SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/skynews Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sky
Keir Starmer welcomed by King Charles as new PM | LBC
Sir Keir Starmer met the King at his palace... #KingCharles #KeirStarmer #News #LBC
Jeremy Corbyn winning will 'sting' for Labour | Election analysis
How much will Keir Starmer care about Jeremy Corbyn winning his seat? 'A lot', thinks Lewis Goodall. #lbc #jeremycorbyn #labour #keirstarmer #generalelection #ukpolitics #news
Is Labour's biggest pull simply that they aren't the Tories?
Remaining tight-lipped could be Keir Starmer's best course of action, suggests The Sunday Telegraph's Political Editor 🎧 Listen: https://telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/07/03/the-tories-deploy-boris-johnson-general-election/ 📺 Watch: https://youtube.com/watch?v=
James O'Brien reacts to Joe Biden's CNN disaster debate
"I don't think he can beat Donald Trump if he continues to behave like that for the next six months." James O'Brien reacts to Joe Biden's disastrous CNN debate #LBC #politics #donaldtrump #joebiden #cnn #debate #Shorts
Isabel Oakeshott SLAMS David Tennant For Condemning Kemi Badenoch At LGBTQ Awards
Rishi Sunak has intervened in the spat between Kemi Badenoch and actor David Tennant, suggesting the Doctor Who star is “the problem”. Tennant suggested at an awards show he wanted a world where the equalities minister “doesn’t exist any more”, and that sh
Taylor Swift welcomed to London by military band at Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace has welcomed Taylor #Swift to London with a special Changing of the Guard. The singer is set to perform at Wembley stadium on Friday as part of her #Eras tour. The #Royal family tweeted a video of the troops standing outside the palace pl
England fans warned not to sing '10 German Bombers' at Euro 2024 | LBC
German police will ‘intervene’ if England football fans chant ‘10 German Bombers’ at the Euros this summer, LBC has been told. #lbc #euro2024 #england
'Changing your clothes doesn't change who you are', says Kemi Badenoch | LBC
Kemi Badenoch emphasises the need to stop some 'exploiting' the system in order to protect 'genuine transgender people.' #lbc #transgender #generalelection #tories #ukpolitics #news
'Vladimir Putin fears Donald Trump but not Joe Biden', says Richard Tice | LBC
Richard Tice thinks Vladimir Putin 'fears' Donald Trump and wouldn't have invaded Ukraine if he was still in power. #lbc #donaldtrump #joebiden #uspolitics #ukpolitics #news #vladimirputin
International Criminal Court seeks arrest warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of war crimes
The ICC's chief prosecutor Karim Khan is seeking warrants for Netanyahu and Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant. The charges against three Hamas leaders can be seen in a previous video. #LBC #israel #palestine #gaza #Shorts #icc #netanyahu #news #worldn
'The moment Slovakia changed:' Reaction as Prime Minister survives assassination attempt
RTVS journalist Sona Weissova tells Nick Ferrari that the assassination attempt on the Slovakian PM Robert Fico will have 'deep consequences on society' in the country. #lbc #slovakia #assassination #primeminister #shorts
Do MPs deserve a pay rise? | LBC debate
4 個月前
 • 19 次觀看
MPs to get above inflation 5.5 per cent pay rise taking salaries to over £90,000. Sangita Myska says it's 'unbelievably tin-eared' of MPs to consider giving themselves a pay rise, do you agree? Listen to the full show on Global Player: https://app.af.globa
"They finally got him." Alexei Navalny is dead, according to the Russian prison service
Putin's arch-rival died while 'on a walk,' apparently #LBC #Shorts #Russia #Ukraine #Putin #Navalny #worldnews #news
"UK Economy More Resilient Than Most People Predicted" FM Jeremy Hunt | GDP | Rishi Sunak
"UK Economy More Resilient Than Most People Predicted" FM Jeremy Hunt | GDP | Rishi Sunak British finance minister Jeremy Hunt said on Thursday (February 15) the economy is "more resilient than most people predicted" and that the government had expected gr
Brexit Hit to GDP Even Worse Than Forecast
5 個月前
 • 18 次觀看
Goldman Sachs are reported to have produced a study on the impacts of brexit and concluded that the hit to GDP is 5%, rather than the 4% forecast by independent economists some years ago. Perhaps the worse than expected outcome is down to a government whic
A Global Revolution is happening NOW!
5 個月前
 • 21 次觀看
a revolution is developing across the globe and it has the potential to crash the system - I never thought I would live to see this happen. Jeff Taylor Clips - @JeffTaylorClips - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIh8qQO6_FwMGmiv1ky6RyA Should you find vide